The class is on every Tuesday from 11:00-12:00.If you want to know more please come around or contact Wayside.

The Chair Exercise class is mainly targetted for over 50s. The Chair Exercise class helps people to be active, fit, interactive and it helps them to be social. Over 10 people participate in the Chair Exercise weekly and they enjoy it a lot.

The class is taught by Susanne, who describes the class as: “ General seated exercise and it helps prevent falls. It keeps the 50s and over active, strong and healthy. It’s fun and it’s also social. The exercise is weight bearing as it places no weights on the joints. I teach this because I am focusing on an older community and they are hard to reach sowe divide something that is simple and fun.”

Thelma who is currently taking the class says: “ The class is very good and interesting. The exercises makes you feel good.”