The Wayside Community Centre trustees are voluntary members of the organisation. They make up the charity’s committee, they offer their time voluntarily. The committee meets bi-monthly to discuss the business of the charity’s work.

Members of the committee

Jean John – Treasurer
Jean is the founder of the organisation and have dedicated her life to the success of the charity. She has worked tirelessly to ensure that the organsiation meets its objectives of serving the local community

Vera Holder – Assistant Secretary
Vera is a founding member of the organisation and has dedicated her time to ensure that the organisation meets its objectives of serving the local community.

Karvel John – Chair
As the son of Wayside founder Jean John, Karvel has been involved with the organisation for over 20yrs. He started as a volunteer and  later held the post of Finance Administrator  for 2 yrs. In 2002 he joined the committee and  served as Treasurer before being elected Chairperson in 2014. Karvel brings a broad wealth of experience and knowledge to the committee, originally from an Accounting background, he is also an Electrician and has studied Management, Economics, Counselling, Advocacy, Property Law and Building Surveying.

Donald Holder – Vice Chair

Donovan Lee – Secretary
Donovan is a local resident and line manager. Donovan has experience in local government, finance and shipping. He has been the organisation’s secretary for over 13 years.

Shola Oni
Shola is a local community member and brings accountancy experience to the committee and the organisation.

Cathy Shomefun – Assistant Treasurer
Pastor Cathy is a local resident committee member and brings secretarial experience. Pastor Cathy carries various entrepreneurial skills to the organisation and has been a member for over 25 years.

Philis Hanson

Kenrick Hanson
Kenrick is a local resident and former Mayor (1984-1985) and Deputy Mayor (1983) of Hackney, and worked as Councillor for 16 years. He has been with the organisation for over 20 years and is currently 1st Vice Chairperson of the Association of Jamaicans (UK) Trust.

Sheyi Davies-Oki
Sheyi is a local minister in the local community and brings ministerial experience to the committee.

Thelma Inniss
Thelma is a local resident committee member. Thelma brings numerous years retail experience to the organisation and has been a member of the committee for over 2 years.