The class is on every Wednesday from 11.30-13:00. If you want to know more please come around or contact Wayside.

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The Knitting and Crochet class is mainly targeted for over 50s. The Knitting and Crochet class helps people to be active, relaxed, interactive and most important they enjoy it.

The class is taught by Alex, who describes the class as: “Friendly, welcoming, relaxing also it is open to everyone, positive energy. I knit so I might as well teach it.

Azra who currently takes the class says ” Very good, I learnt Crochet and Knitting, embroidery and made friends enjoyment to divert your mind to forget stress. Eileen who is also taking the class says ”It is very relaxing, home to home, and warm atmosphere. Retired, I would like to do something fun such as this. It is a pleasure to come here, the people are caring and Lovely and it is good because any cultures can come here and it brings everyone together.

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In August 2015 we showed what we produced in the spring and summer. Above is a few photos of the show.

knitting andcrochet_2knitting and crochet_1

Photos from class.