World View on Life

Looking back over the years can we truthfully say that we have moved on with the years? It is said that time waits for no man yet there are numerous amount of individuals whose lives remain static while the years go by.  Attitudes to life play a big part in our lagging behind.  However  #changing the way we think, can make us less  #obnoxious and more #desirous to live in the world. Life is a journey that entails changes. We watch our children grow from infancy and take on their identity in life. They must decide where they want to go or what they want to achieve in life. Some may take a negative stance to life while the others make a positive stance. This positive or negative view will, in the end, portray characteristic of the world view taken on by each one.

Thinking I don’t care what the world think about #mybehaviour puts #restrictions to  #personaldevelopment in life. So often we see some people who shared the same attitudes to life change and move on to achieve something better whilst others remain static in the past getting nowhere. #Thinkpositivately and find hidden jems within yourselves for the  #Newyear.

Hear Jean John talk about active aging and the benefits of our zumba classes

Our zumba classes are on every Monday from 12-1pm. Read more about the classes and how to join here.

Christmas spirit at the Roundchapel

christmas_red_balls_ornaments_png_pictureWe finally updated the images from our Christmas Lunch to the gallery and what joyous memories we have from it.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Christmas Lunch 2016_8

Bonfire night with storytelling

To celebrate Black History Month, Wayside Community Centre held a Bonfire Storytelling Night the 5th November.

We heard Anansi-tales from Jamaica; mango-memories from Africa; anecdotes from the Caribbean and stories about Hackney, bonfire nights and how the neighbourhood has changed and become what it is today.

A mango anecdote in the making

A mango anecdote in the making

Hackney memories about bonfire nights and fireworks

Hackney memories about bonfire nights and fireworks


Listening to how Anansi tricked his neighbours of their fruit

Listening to how Anansi tricked his neighbours of their fruit



Looking for fun and gentle exercise?

Try our Gentle Chair exercise classes running every Tuesday from 11-12.


Wayside Community Centre part of COOP’s community scheme

We have been nominated to become a local sponsored charity by COOP through COOP’s community 5%,  1% initiative. Wayside Community Centre will benefit from a 1% donation from each member purchase. When you sign up to become a member of the COOP scheme and purchase COOP branded products, you will get 5% back as a member and 1% will go to the charity of your choice. Sign up and become a member and select Wayside Community Centre as your charity of choice to help us grow. You can sign up here or you can collect a membership form in store. Our leaflets can be found in the following COOP store, Homerton High Street, Pembury Circus and Theydon Road.

Tea Party with Positive Future

On 23 August we had a lovely Tea party with the young people from Positive Future. The older and younger ladies enjoyed this event very much. There were storytelling and even competition. This was a day that was enjoyed by all.



Memories from our Cambridge trip

Saturday the 27th of August we had our yearly trip, this year going to the lovely and picturesque Cambridge. The weather was with us and we enjoyed a day with sun and exiting adventures.

This is what people had to say about the trip:

“Amazing, I was so glad that we went on this trip. Loved it!”

“it’s a great way for the elders and younger ones to get together.”

“It gets us out and about and different scenery. It gives us something to look forward to and makes us feel wanted. Fabulous daytrips are.”

“I really enjoyed my time in Cambridge. The most fun was riding on the boats”

“It was nice to see everyone come together to enjoy themselves”

You can find more images from our trip in the gallery.

Visit to the Geffrey Museum

Wednesday 3rd August we went to the Geffrey Museum exploring the world of botanics and lotion making.

Below is the photos from the day.

Geffrey Museum 1

Fundraising bazaar at Wayside

Saturday the 30th July we had our Summer Fundraising Bazaar.
We had a great day with many people paying a visit to the community centre.

Thank you to all who attended and those who supported the event.

Below are a few photos from the day.

Fundraising bazaar 6

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