Overseas outreach project

The Overseas Project officially started in the year 2000. This followed a visit by our secretary Jean Buffonge to Gambia (West Africa).
uganda-infants-classJean was introduced to the community of Bulock and saw for herself the need for improvement to the Day Care and Nursery school. The delapidated school had approximately 350 children who were being taught in two small classrooms. As a result the children attend classes by turn with sometimes up to 100 children crammed in a class while the others waited outside for their turn.

With the help of funds raised we were able to have a large school erected. Proudly the Day Care and Nursery School now boast its own vegetable garden with bananas, cassavas, paw-paw, beans and many more nutritional foods. It is a marvellous achievement showing self sufficiency. With these products available the food supplied by the World Food Aid help to last longer. Later on the project extended to include projects in St.Vincent, Guyana, Poland, India, and Malawai.
At the beginning of the school year 86 children are on the register in the school in Uganda. Reports received showed they are all doing well in their studies and the school is a great blessing to the community.


uganda-schoolTo provide humanitarian assistance, including food, educational materials, non-perishable items, and cash assistance where necessary for the survival of underprivileged/needy communities.
Provide educational opportunities to orphans and destitute children.
Provide Medical items i.e. walking aids to promote independence to the handicapped and other vulnerable people.
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Below is a video of some of our work previously carried out in Uganda.

Wayside Community School – Uganda: the children’s march

The school children from the Wayside School parade through town, showing off their fine uniforms.