The Drop in

The Drop in is a warm, friendly and welcoming place. Anyone who feels the need for friendship and companionship can come and socialize with other like minded people. The project allows users/customers to share life experiences, encourage each other and build lasting relationships.

The aims are:

  • To see an improvement in the health and quality of life
  • To enable empowerment through direct involvement in Centre’s activities
  • To give service users a purpose and sense of self-worth


Charity shop

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Health and fitness services
Click here to discover the range of activities Wayside Community offer to help elders maintain a healthy living and keep fit.

Prayer fellowship

People experiencing loss, stress, or pain often feel the need for guidance and prayer. People needing this service can drop- in at any time and find support on a one to one basis.
Fellowship meetings however are held regularly on Thursday’s: 12.30pm – 1.30PM.
This event attracts people who are unable to attend their regular church on a Sunday, and those without a church base. If you fit into one or more of these categories why not come along and take part in a time of fellowship.