Looking back over the years can we truthfully say that we have moved on with the years? It is said that time waits for no man yet there are numerous amount of individuals whose lives remain static while the years go by.  Attitudes to life play a big part in our lagging behind.  However  #changing the way we think, can make us less  #obnoxious and more #desirous to live in the world. Life is a journey that entails changes. We watch our children grow from infancy and take on their identity in life. They must decide where they want to go or what they want to achieve in life. Some may take a negative stance to life while the others make a positive stance. This positive or negative view will, in the end, portray characteristic of the world view taken on by each one.

Thinking I don’t care what the world think about #mybehaviour puts #restrictions to  #personaldevelopment in life. So often we see some people who shared the same attitudes to life change and move on to achieve something better whilst others remain static in the past getting nowhere. #Thinkpositivately and find hidden jems within yourselves for the  #Newyear.