The class is on every Monday from 10:30-11:30. If you want to know more please come around or contact Wayside.

The Zumba class is mainly targeted for over 50s. The Zumba class helps people to be active, fit, interactive. Many people enjoy the Zumba class and it makes them feel happy.

IMG_20160201_122043The class is taught by Tais, who describes the class as: “ Safe, healthy, social, and fun. My friend introduced me to this place and I really liked it.”

Florence who is taking the class says ”It is lovely, I enjoy every minute of it and its beautiful. I have been coming here for 8 years. I came here to keep fit, have company and to participate in activities.” Jeanie who is also taking the class says” It is very interesting. I joined this class to get fit.” Sylvia who is also taking the class says ”It is very welcoming here. I started taking this class because my friend recommended me to come here.”